Abburi Ajay Kumar


About Samraj Industries

Samraj Solar is a unit of Samraj Industries and unique enterprise engaged in mission of providing Renewable Energy Solutions for domestic and commercial purposes. Renewable Energy by tapping Solar Power is the Solution and Solace of humanity for the energy needs of the present and future generations. We are aiming to prepare the society for energy requirements of the future, save costs for our clients, by providing Renewable Energy Solutions such as Solar and Wind Energy based products as an alternative to Hydro and Thermal Energy Options.

Samraj Industries was started by an Electrical Engineer with vast knowledge and experience in Solar applications. He has been awarded with Galileo Master Certification and several other certificates in the solar Applications.

As a young entrepreneur and willing to bring solar applications into the forefront, he has built a team comprising industry experienced professionals and other fresh graduates and diploma holders

Solar Energy is the most dependable energy source of the future. We aim to tap and utilize this energy by developing, building and operating solar plants and system of different multi-watt ranges as per your requirements. Samraj Solar specializes in design and installation of engineered Solar Energy Systems. Our products are customized to cater to the needs of residential, commercial, government, and large scale institutions and enterprises. We offer affordable and dependable Solar Photo-Voltaic, Solar Thermal.

Our Mission

The mission is to provide top notch energy solutions through leveraging the latest technologies by harnessing the renewable energy and hence delivering world class services.

Our Vision

To achieve leadership in providing Solar Solutions through developing an operating ecosystem of innovation, fairness and integrity towards our customers, vendors, employees and the society .

Our Quality Policy

Our quality of the project comes with the world-class technology and the components we procure from our internationally renowned partners and collaborations. Our technical team always takes a leap in providing the best quality solar solution.