Our Services

We are one of the successful and best Solar Plant engineering Companies in India. Throughout the entire process, we provide all our services at the affordable price. Our special well-experienced engineering team will help you throughout the installation process. Leveraging on our rich engineering solutions experience, we offer plant testing upright to alleviate the killer issues which can diminish the performance. Since its inception, Samraj solar has had a clear focus on providing sustainable Operations and Maintenance Service (OMS) for the entire life cycle of each of solar installation. The guiding principle for this approach was to ensure the best Return on investment (ROI) for investors and not be limited to designing the best module or erecting the same on the best site. Samraj solar is the custodian of its customer’s assets for the entire project life-cycle and is committed to ensure the best service for them through its world-class OMS team. Samraj solar Operations and Maintenance Services (OMS) team has rich experience of over two decades.

Annual Maintenance

  • Our team should come on site to inspect your installation and analyze whether it is producing the amount of power it has promised.
  • Our maintenance team should perform regular solar array cleaning will increase annual solar energy production by 5 to 10% in climates with a dry season.
  • Maintenance team should be able to check the electrical systems to make sure they are performing properly — and make corrections if they are not.
  • The team should be able to do the same checks and corrections for your solar inverters.
  • The team should be able to do the same checks and corrections for your solar inverters.

  • Audit energy production
  • Evaluate network voltage and frequency
  • Inventory and spare parts management
  • Environment conditions control
  • Coordinate warranty repairs and regular service checks


    We provide quality services with some of best Solar Power Plant Testing and equipment. We are doing some test such as I-V Curve Tracing, Insulation Testing, Ground Bonding, Earth resistance calculation, Site irradiance measurement, Cell temperature measurement, Hot spot & snail trial identification, thermal profile of the panels


    We first explore solar power’s economic reliability, which we define as the ability of an energy source to be selfsustaining and affordable without government mandates or subsidies. Second, we examine solar power’s physical reliability. For an energy source to be physically reliable, it must be able to consistently meet electricity demands by supplying and transmitting its power without interruption. Finally, we examine solar power's environmental reliability. To be environmentally reliable, an alternative energy source must have fewer environmental impacts than traditional fossil fuels.